Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolved: That no matter the season, the walls should be bedecked.

Yes, the reviews are coming. But, as said, things are changing 'round these here parts, and today is a soapbox moment.

So, it's January 2, the day when we pause in memory of the New Year's resolutions which -- like as not -- died in under 24 hours.

So it goes.

That said, there's nothing wrong with planning to do things differently in 2012. And so, this one's for you, People Who Have Space to Show Art But Don't.

Look, you don't need a gigantic venue. The Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence is tiny, for example, and yet month after month you can find really good work on the walls there.

Nor do you need a conventional space (and in this, I'll count coffeehouses as "conventional," seeing that most of the ones I know already show local, original art). Got a medical/dental/optical/etc. office? A hair salon? A bank lobby? Free wall space in your church?

Instant gallery. Just add art. (And, for the record, I can cite examples, in any of the above categories, of places which already double as art venues.)

I've typed this before, and I'll type it again: Showing local art is a win-win-win -- for the artist (who receives exposure), the venue (which gains foot traffic, awareness and a chance to win new clients) and the public at large (who benefit from having something real to look at, rather than the same old furniture-store art and craft-store posters).

Whats that  you say? You don't know any artists? The easiest way to meet some is to put up a sign saying that you'd like to show original work. You'll meet artists. Trust me on this one.

Rather go another route? Check out the "Now Showing" program, offered by the Arts Council of Metropolitan Kansas City. Take an art walk (First Friday, for example) and offer a show to an artist whose work you like. Or just Google "Kansas City Artist" and spend some time browsing the huge variety of work available for display.

All else failing, email me. I know artists, and I'd be happy to make recommendations.

I'm not saying you have to do it all today. By Sunday will be fine.

Looking forward to all the February openings ...

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