Friday, January 6, 2012

Before the festivities, a memoriam

It's First Friday, which means your occasionally humble correspondent will be out pounding the pavement, looking for shows to write up.

This is my favorite night of the month, even if it is the busiest. It's always good to get out and catch up with artist friends, see what's new and generally soak up some creative energy.

But there's one regular stop I won't be making this month.

Gallery 325, on Southwest Boulevard, was a fixture on my stop-in list. It was as much hangout space as artspace for me; always something cool going on, and always good conversation and an interesting sip or two to be had with owner/photographer/raconteur TomTGradeczek. (Okay, so his space bar was broken ... we all have quirks.)

The space has closed, although Tom will still be showing his work around the area (he's a regular, for example, on the KCK public library system's circuit).

I'm going to miss those visits. Probably have to catch myself short at least once tonight, walking over to the space.

See you out there.

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