Monday, January 9, 2012

Let's have words, shall we?

No, I don't want to start a fight ... well, not today.

And I promise to get back to the reviews, stat, but first I have one more question.

It's not problematic, like yesterday's series of queries. This one's a no-brainer, along the lines of Should any singer who uses Auto-Tune be barred from Grammy contention? or Should that Bobo guy on "Finding Bigfoot" get a Gibbs Head Slap every time he says "Squatch?"

(If  you answer "no" to either of those, get in line with Bobo. Gibbs will be along shortly.)

Today's query: Should Steve take a break from pontificating and, oh, I don't know ... post a call for artists every once in a while?

Which brings us to this opportunity, from Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati. They're looking for artists who incorporate text into their work; as a word guy of sorts, I thought it would be worthwhile to pass it along.

The rules are here: The deadline is Jan. 25, so don't delay.

Now, bonus question: Would I welcome yet more calls, enough that I could make a regular feature out of them?

What do you think? (Don't make me go and get Gibbs again ...)

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