Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Manfred Mann alive, it's being a day.

The laptop is back, but misbehaving. It's decided its favorite color is blue, and keeps showing me -- on the screen, of course -- how much it loves a particularly deadly shade.

(It's a Toshiba thing, I hear, "Toshiba" being Japanese for "Gojira-sized pile o' poo.")

The review aspect will resume tomorrow, however. In the meantime, here's the overwhelming response to the question posed in yesterday's post:

So, either you (a) trust my finely honed instincts or ... yeah. Has to be (a), right?

Some things that will happen on a regular basis in the new format.

1. Artist profiles, either stand-alone or in conjunction with a current show

2. Venue profiles, especially "offbeat" locations;

3. Art at Home, a series on people who use their living spaces to put on rotating displays of other people's work.

Anything else?

I'm all (Dare I say it?) ears ...

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