Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Format

After a needed hiatus, and some long thinking about how to move forward, ARTKC365 is back online.

If this is your first encounter with the project, here's a brief bit of history: 

ARTKC365 first launched in 2009 with the goal of featuring one artist per day, and not repeating any artist in a given calendar year. I hit the wall after two and a half (thoroughly enjoyable) years, but I've missed the daily fun. So, here goes ... with a new premise and the same old promises. I suppose you could call it ARTKC365 v.2.0, but that would be way too many letters and numbers.

(If you're interested in the archives, they're here.)

New things first: Yes, I'll still do reviews/essays/commentary/caffeine-hazed blathering on individual artists and shows. But that won't be all I do. Plans for daily content also include previews of upcoming events, occasional venue and artist profiles, or whatever else happens to suggest itself that day.

No matter what, though, art -- the works themselves, the people who make them and the places that show them -- will be at the forefront of the daily posts.

The first ongoing promise is this: The only artist I'll never promote on here is myself. I have another site for that (although it sorely needs to be updated). 

The second is that if I ever start writing in Artspeak (a language which uses English words and sentence structure but is decidedly not English) or making High Holy Pronouncements in first person plural, you all have my permission to hold me down and hamstring me with dull palette knives.

Anything else? Oh, yeah. You can email me here. If you're a spammer ... well, I have dull palette knives of my own. 

So ... Happy 2012, and here's to an art-filled year.

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