Sunday, January 22, 2012

In other people's words (and pictures) ...

It's Sunday night, I'm working off two hours' sleep and a fitful nap, and so the coherence of any pontificating I might do is likely to be iffy, at best.

You know what that means. Wait, no you don't, because I haven't done this sort of thing before.

It's Links Night, wherein our groggy hero scours his inbox and his Facebook feed for interesting pass-alongs (and in the process, shamelessly name-drops so as to show up on all manner of Google searches).

For your listening pleasure, Kansas City's Cheryl Gail Toh and Lawrence's Molly Murphy are among those featured on this 30a Radio podcast.

Feeling more visual? Check out the Black Love series from jazz-inflected portraitist Harold Smith. Smith's work is always vibrant and colorful, and the emotion in these paintings fairly smolders ... even, as the above example shows, when filtered through the computer screen.

Bouncing back over to Lawrence, Jason Barr (aka BARRR) has relayed these guidelines for the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commision's 18th annual Community Arts Grant program. The deadline's March 26, so get cracking.

Go now. Listen, view, apply like the wind. Me? I'm going to play YouTube videos and read soccer copy until this caffeine wears off ...

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